Pittsburgh’s Pennsylvania Motor Speedway

During my last visit back east I was invited by the Miley family (owners of PPMS) to hangout at the track, watch some dirt racing and see Joe Sylvester with his monster truck “Bad Habit” do some freestyle. Turns out a good friend of mine Mike Harris still races at the track as well. If you live in the Pittsburgh area, are a race fan and don’t frequent this race track then there is something wrong! PPMS always has events scheduled every weekend and it’s a great place to take the family and…. if by chance your kids are into monster trucks you may want to follow the “PPMS‘ schedule because they will be hosting a huge monster truck event soon!

If the name “Bad Habit” with FTK rings a bell it is because when Joe was just starting out years ago we sponsored the him & Bad Habit, but that was before his big jump that crushed the “Big Foot” long jump world record. Joe and his Bad Habit truck can be seen traveling around the US doing Monster Jams and also on the television coverage of those events. Joe also has a shop in Boardman Ohio building trucks. I heard a rumor he may be racing in the Lucas Oil Circuit, if it’s true then I feel sorry for those who race against him… although he an I only raced against each other on go-kart tracks he doesn’t like to lose! haha

I would like to take a second and thank the Miley family for the hospitality and the interview!

From the infield!

Joe Sylvester and “Bad Habit” before the freestyle!

Watch a quick video of the freestyle!

Watch a quick video of racing at PPMS!


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