Fall Festival for a good cause!

LISTEN UP….So here’s the deal…
I was contacted by this young man who is a “Car Warrior’s” fan and we have exchanged emails for a couple months now. His name is Austin and he has had a battle on his hands since he was 10 years old…. it’s called a Desmoid Tumor. (Learn more about it here http://www.dtrf.org/ ) Every year his family holds an event to bring awareness and generate funds for the organization. Austin recently got his permit and is super excited to start driving once he passes the driving test. If you know me then you know the soft spot I have for children going through any challenges like this in life. No child should ever have to suffer nor should those around stand by and watch. When I learned of the date I tried to arrange my east coast trip around this event so I could attend, unfortunately the way the cards fell I would have to be in Pgh for 3 weeks. My sons 21st birthday is the weekend of the 9th and with the event two weeks
later it made it too difficult to be gone for over 3 weeks so I made a choice…that choice was to slow my world down and pay attention to the things that matter most in this world…children in need. My son and I will be driving from Pgh to the event almost 6 hours away on Sept 22nd to spend the weekend with Austin and his family. I am hoping to gather some friends to make the drive with us and show some support for Austin. I understand not everyone has the time nor money to do things like this, so for those of you that don’t, I would ask that you somehow figure out a way that you too could help spread the awareness and contact Austin through the email address at the bottom of the flyer, help make a difference in this child’s life with me 🙂

One thought on “Fall Festival for a good cause!

  1. Ray, I would love to help make a positive impact on this kids life. I always wanted to work with troubled or undeprivelged kids. I think its such a commendable notion to take the valuable time out of your busy life to try to make someone’s much better. Please let me know how i can help. I would really like to join you and Ray Jr.on your road trip(and Deals gap one day soon)if possible! I can be reached at 724-630-7218

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