Don Snyder’s Private Collection

In one of my recent trips back east to do some custom tuning and more importantly visit family and friends, I was invited to join one of my favorite car clubs (which I always wanted to be a part of but back when I was growing up in Pa but they only allowed 100 members and the waiting list was miles long) the “Cruzin’ Few” on one of their weekend cruises but what was unique about this one is they found the hidden car collection of Don Snyder.

For those of you that have not heard of this amazing collection, Don started collecting cars about 35 years ago and has cars that are “one of” and “one left in existence” and Ford actually contracts Don to display many vehicles from his collection. This collection is nestled in some back roads near Boardman Ohio and the funniest thing for me is I would pass his house weekly growing up on my way Quaker City Dragway and have heard of this collection and never knew anyone that could tell me where it was!

I am going to guess here and say there were at least 60 or so cars that made the back road cruise to Don’s house in Ohio from Pa and when we got there we all said the same thing…”Do you know how many times I have passed this place and never knew it was here?!” Don’s house has a long driveway from the main street that takes you back to the huge buildings that house this amazing collection. This is a good thing we found out because the tradition is, after seeing the collection, everyone has to take turns doing a “top fuel” burn-out in his driveway! I hear the rubber coating is good for “sealing” the driveway! HaHa

If by chance you are ever in the Boardman Ohio area and have an afternoon (at least) to spare and want to see a “One of a Kind” collection you have to search for Don Snyder’s house but I will let you know now…it’s not easy to find…it took me over 20 years! lol

*Pictures do not do this collection justice!!!

*2 huge buildings full plus Don has a warehouse with over 200 cars waiting to get restored for display!

Don’t miss the link to the burnout video in the end!

Getting a rebuild on the 572 FI

Diesel even needed to take a break half way through!

Outside pic of some of the cars in the cruise.

I will complete this post with a video… As I always like to say..

“But mom, everyone else was doing it!”

Watch it



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