Car Warriors Episode 12 “Season Finale”: Honest Charlie’s Garage vs Downs Industries

I am sure by now if you are reading this then you have seen at least one episode of Car Warriors and understand what goes into these builds. This week, at the mercy of a coin toss, I am back where I originally started this show off…on the red side and working with Downs Industries.

Just when I thought I was getting into a groove with these builds, the season came to an end. This is the last episode of season 2 and what better way to end a great season than with two well known teams! Downs Industries, from Lawton Michigan, known for their chassis and composite bodies for Coupes, Roadsters, Camaro’s, Corvettes, and even one for a 37′ Ford Truck!  Honest Charley’s Garage, known for their restorations and metal work. Honest Charley’s Garage (aka Coker Tire – the leading supplier of the infamous white wall tire) is out of Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Both teams brought some mad talent to this build and it showed throughout the competition, especially in the metal fabrication area of the build. Honest Charley’s Garage shipped in specific equipment for the the metal work on this build. They spent the majority of their time fabricating a complete metal interior and then gave it a “wood grain” look through a unique process with a roller. I have to say that although I was not a fan of the seats they developed for this build (for street comfort reasons), the rest of the metal work on that interior was incredible! They even went as far as cleaning up the engine compartment with some nice metal work, which added to the theme they were going for.

Downs Industries took a different approach on the fabrication end, body mods were their main focus. Some were subtle changes (closing in the door handles, removing trim and adding metal rod for a smooth finish) and others were obvious (giving the hood a “brow” look, changing the contour of the rear wheel opening, adding fins to the rear quarter panels) . I was never a big fan of the 62′ Thunderbird, but after the mods were completed by my team I have to say the I actually like the car a whole lot more! I have been lucky enough to have worked with some really great people throughout this season on Car Warriors, for me that is the best part, and this build-off was no different. I worked closely with the east coast boys from Michigan on this build and their work ethic was second to none. Both teams built one hell of a car in 48 hours…especially when you consider how involved the interior is on the T-Bird! Checkout the links to both teams below.

Although the season is over, keep watching Speed every Wednesday because if you missed an episode they start right back at the first episode (71 Camaro’s) and work their way through the whole season. Set your dvr’s for Wednesdays at 9pm et and relive the builds with us and I am sure I can speak from all of us on Car Warriors, thank you for a great season and help us send Speed a message…

We want a Season 3! 🙂

And lets not forget the season finale speech from the executive producer Perry, he is one of the many great people behind the scenes!

Honest Charley’s Garage:



Downs Industries:




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