Car Warriors Episode 8: Sledsville vs. Shinbone Alley

If you haven’t seen the new season of Car Warriors on the Speed Channel yet set your DVR now!

Please read my post about episode 1 so you can clearly understand what goes into the builds with these teams.

There is sooo much that can be said about this episode, even the fact of how it was edited and what wasn’t shown. I don’t even know where to begin or how much I even want to say or can say. Lets first talk about the most important part of this blog, the teams.

This week I was assigned to the blue team “Shinbone Alley” and I think I can speak for my team when I say that when the reveal showed the 86 Corvette we were all wishing it would have been a 66′ instead! The 1986 Corvette is a challenge to work on even when you are not constricted to a 48hr build-off. Trying to get anything done quickly on this car is no easy feat as you all saw by the engine challenge in the beginning of the show.

Since we were removing the fuel injected engine and installing a carbureted version with no emissions, it meant that nearly everything beneath that hood would be eliminated, including the infamous power steering line because the new engine had a totally different power steering pump already bolted to it.  Viewers never got to see the fabricating that went into these cars, like the 6 hours worth of work Sledsville took removing the back-end of the car to wedge in that fuel cell, or what both teams went through trying to shoe horn that engine in so the harmonic balancer would clear the rack n pinion (which by the way..a sheet of paper was about all you could fit through).

As I have always said, I am not a fan of shows that are built around drama. Although I know this is reality tv and parts of what happened on this episode were real, this episode was not my favorite because I feel it strayed from being about the talents of these teams and focused more on the Brad/Ray drama. I am only one small opinion, that in the big picture of reality tv doesn’t matter because as we all know…drama sells. I can see both sides of the coin here and why it was edited the way it was but it should have shown more of behind the scenes in my opinion…

ie: every week I help both teams on some level…I can go episode by episode with example after example of how I take time away from my team to help the other team and prior to all of this power steering drama, it wasn’t shown how I was right there with Brad at the tire machine removing that tire, or in the parts cage helping the other team look for parts…etc. The cut and edit only showed from the point of me getting pissed because of the response I got from Brad after all the help I had already given.

When Sledsville came over to see how we did our motor mounts, I had my back to them working on the car and reacted before I took the time to realize they were not the reason for me being pissed. Which is exactly why I walked over in the first place…to apologize for snapping at them. I was raised with the east coast mentality that if you make a mistake, make it right. I can go on and on about it but it is, what it is…an injustice in my opinion.

Please take some time to visit the websites and Facebook pages of these two teams…show them some love and “Like” their page!

Blue Team “Shinbone Alley” : Known for their custom painting techniques on hot rods and motorcycles. Website  Facebook

Red Team “Sledsville” : Known for their crazy one-off customs. Website Facebook


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