Car Warriors Episode 7: Speed Machine vs. Salty Dawgs

If you haven’t seen the new season of Car Warriors on the Speed Channel yet set your DVR now!

Please read my post about episode 1 so you can clearly understand what goes into the builds with these teams.

This was one of my favorite episodes… Factory Five 33′ Hot Rods!

I have plenty of Factory Five experience but it all relates the their MK4 Roadster. When I found out we were building a Factory Five car, I couldn’t wait to get started. Take time to click on the Factory Five link above to see more info on the kits they offer and also read the companies philosophy. Then scoot on over to their forum and you will quickly see why everyone loves Factory Five. The teams in this weeks episode were basically compiled from Factory Five builders that all collaborate on their forum and have at least one build under their belt. Believe it or not some of these guys have wrenched on more than 50 builds!

I can tell you first hand that every single one of the guys that came to compete on this build-off were good people and the fact that they decided to donate the winning car to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation show just that! It didn’t matter what team you were on they all helped each other throughout the build, except when “Da Bat” asked Mark for the windshield…haha. Since the build was going so smooth for everyone (primarily because of the quality of the kit and the knowledge of the builders) Mark figured he would hassle them a bit. I remember having a conversation prior that with Mark and suggested having them give up 2 of their team members to come clean up our side in return for us giving up the glass. I thought that would have been funny and good tv 🙂

Both teams built one hell of a car in such a short amount of time and the quality on these two cars was amazing to say the least! I have to admit, although Salty Dawgs car was very cool and more Jimmy’s style, I absolutely loved our orange and graphite color scheme and the exposed engine. I begged Mark in the beginning, when he said their plans were to leave the engine exposed, to let me build a custom set of headers but he wanted a more traditional look. I still think a wild set of twisted headers would have been off the hook (and maybe a couple turbos!) but in the end the car came out very classy.

I do have one main BITCH here!!!!

In one of my otf (on the fly) interviews during the episode, I talked about building a kit car and the nice thing is that we don’t have to disassemble and assemble, we only have to assemble, with no grease!?? ( it was supposed to say “with no greasy mess!!!” ) Oh well…. I guess that’s how the boobie bounces.

Pictures are courtesy of Brad Fanshaw and Speed. My Iphone crashed and I lost pics from a few episodes and this was one of them.


2 thoughts on “Car Warriors Episode 7: Speed Machine vs. Salty Dawgs

  1. The episode was great and the staff of CW was professional and talented. Congrats to the teams and especially to Ray and Brad (East and West Coast team leaders) for putting together two very different and cool versions of our 33 Hot Rod.
    Dave Smith, President FFR

    • Thanks Dave!
      This episode will always be one of my favorites because the mix of good people, a good cause, and some kickass cars!

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