Car Warriors Episode 6: Unique Twist vs. KSmith

If you haven’t seen the new season of Car Warriors on the Speed Channel yet set your DVR now!

Please read my post about episode 1 so you can clearly understand what goes into the builds with these teams.

Anyone that knows me and my background would have known how excited I was to see the Fox Body Mustang beneath that cover. I have been customizing Mustangs for most of my life and this episode was a tough one for me. I had tons of cool ideas for this build but one thing I have to get clear from the beginning is the fact that my job on Car Warriors is not an easy one. Teams come in weekly with ideas for their build and most of the time these ideas are far different from anything I would do but I have to stay focused because I am primarily there to make sure these teams don’t bite off more than they can chew and also that they get their car completed enough to compete in the judging.

Weekly I do write ups about behind the scenes on these builds and try to give the fans a little of the background and also talk about some of the scenes that don’t make the cut. There is alot to talk about on this episode so I will try to keep it to a minimum and stay focused! lol

First of all, 2 days before Ksmith came to compete they lost their interior guy and their painter. At that point most teams would have given up because their reputation is on the line, but not these guys. They had an opportunity to show what they are capable of and figured that if they put their heads together and found replacements they could get it all figured out and have a completed car by the end of the 48 hours, and minus a center console and a passenger seat they did exactly that!

Next you throw the parts cage into the mix! For example… just because there are 20″ rims in there doesn’t mean they will have the right spoke design to work with the Baer Brake Kit. And in this instance Ksmith found out the hard way that they didn’t… these guys had a battle on their hands and the frustration set in. Each week I interact with these teams and try to give advice and help that will get us to the victory circle faster and I initially have a soft approach until I feel as if I am speaking upon deaf ears and each time I tried to step in Keenan would listen to what I had to say and then continue doing things as if I had not said anything. At the time it was hard to deal with and looking back now I understand a little about why things went down the way they did.

Waaayyyyy back my mother used to tell me “When you don’t understand why people do the things they do, put yourself in their shoes and look at it in a different light”. I tried and this is what I came up with…

Keenan, short two team members right from the start on the two of the most important parts of this build.. interior and paint. What you don’t see is during the painting process on this episode is the fact that Daryl started, Keenan took over, then Javier (spelling?) took over and actually painted the car. Javier is an audio guy and has never painted a car in his life but was there to do whatever the team needed. So when you take the audio guy away from doing what he came to do that leaves over half of the interior not getting worked on as originally planned. So the direction for the interior changed and Big Mike (who is not an interior guy by trade) steps in and was trying to help with the audio that Javier couldn’t do because he was painting… you get the picture here…these guys had to adapt and overcome just about every aspect of this build and it can be very frustrating when you are about to put your whole reputation on the line in front of millions of viewers. At this point I think Keenan and his team were in survival mode and doing whatever it took to complete a car in the 48 hour time frame.

Fortunate enough for Ksmith, Unique Twist had some difficulties of their own with paint etc. All in all this was a tough build for both teams and I think given the circumstances they both did what they could with what they had.

Also, what you don’t get to see is Daryl, Big Mike and I joking around for hours on end… all in all I had fun on this build and got to meet a bunch of cool guys from both teams…congrats to both and to Unique Twist for bringing home the win!

As I always say… nobody’s a loser on Car Warriors!




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