Car Warriors Episode 5: Celebrity Kustoms vs. Ireson Motorsports

If you haven’t seen the new season of Car Warriors on the Speed Channel yet set your DVR now!

Please read my post about episode 1 so you can clearly understand what goes into the builds with these teams.

This was a fun episode right from the start! Both teams were a great bunch of guys and there was alot of joking by both teams…just a little more on the red side! The editing dept cut this show pretty accurately but did leave out a few things. Probably because there is only 47 minutes to fit in 60 hours worth of footage…no easy task there!

A couple things that I want to talk about first is the crazy talent that Fred (Blue team airbrush artist) had..this is the first time ever I had heard of someone actually airbrushing with two guns AT THE SAME TIME!!!  And also the fact of Fred giving up his pants to fix the “lack of fleece” issue that Nick had and it didn’t make the cut either. I can speak first hand from the talent I saw Ireson Motorsports bring to the table and the adapt and overcome attitude that eventually put them over the top. Every one of Ireson’s team members showcased their ability and worked well together as a team. The fact that they sent me a bottle of Black Label Johnnie Walker as a token of thanks for helping them on their build shows what kind of character these guys have.

Celebrity Kustoms had some mad talent and it showed as well. Both cars were two totally different styles and although CK didn’t finish their ride, what they did complete was definitely top notch! For those of you that have built cars for shows under the pressure of a deadline know that if you don’t have the kind of  “fun” attitude that CK had you will stress yourself out to the point of cutting corners and putting out an inferior product with your name on it. Congrats to John and his team!

Checkout the links below and see what these guys are capable of when not constrained to 48 hours!


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