Car Warriors Episode 4: Hot Rods by Dean vs. Kaotic Customs

If you haven’t seen the new season of Car Warriors on the Speed Channel yet set your DVR now!

Please read my post about episode 1 so you can clearly understand what goes into these builds with these teams.

Like I have said in the past, you never know what talent each team holds until you work along side of them and I can tell you right from the start, Hot Rods by Dean really showed me they came to win. They rocked that engine challenge and made a clear statement right from the start.

Almost every team that comes to compete will watch last years episodes and wants to show that they too can do some crazy modifications in a short amount of time. The only problem here is last year they had more equipment and more time. So when my team told me they wanted to cut the roof off the car my initial thought was to go over and congratulate Brad on his win, but then I started to do the math on the amount of time it takes to cut the roof off vs the time saved in interior etc and I thought after seeing how fast they worked in the engine challenge that this just might be possible. So what the hell…I was game if they were!

Hot Rods by Dean did an amazing amount of work in just 48 hours and I would argue all day the fact of the car buckling during testing because with the added sub-frame connectors and the mini cage bracing, that car did not budge, it had more reinforcement than most convertibles do today. I believe Jimmy didn’t hear us when we told him the pins in the door hinges were worn out causing a little door sag but either way this was one hell of a competition. Kaotic Customs started off real rocky but by the middle of the competition Brad rounded these guys up and were catching up quickly.

So now comes the time to discuss the main drama point in this episode…. Should Hot Rods by Dean have given up that hour they won?

We discussed this for a while and what we would do if we won because there was talk early of giving it up. In the end I agreed with Dean’s decision because the fact was, Kaotic Customs was still behind and the team was tired and a little scatter brained so the thought was if we did give them a chance to rest and regroup they would come back stronger and faster and our chances of them not finishing the car would diminish.

Hats off to Kaotic Customs for coming back and proving that you guys had the talent and the know how to pull it off!

And let’s not forget Cody’s headers…does that guy know his shit or what?

Badass fab in no time at all!

Red Team: Hot Rods by Dean

Blue Team: Kaotic Customs

Cody, the “mad scientist” fabricator from the blue team. Go figure his shop name ” LoveFab “. He just moved into a larger shop and is in the process of building a new website so be patient. You can also checkout the crazy NSX build he is doing to race Pike Peak!



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