Car Warriors Episode 3: Street Customs & Restoration vs. SPG Customs

If you haven’t seen the new season of Car Warriors on the Speed Channel yet set your DVR now!

Please read my post about episode 1 so you can clearly understand what goes into these builds with these teams.

Where do I begin…. I truly love the coin toss that determines which team Brad and I get to work with. That coin seems to always give me the teams that have a story  to tell. Episode one, Jim, the red team leader’s wife just had twins and one was in intensive care during the episode. Episode two, Patrick from the red team’s step father was just diagnosed with cancer. Now episode 3, Jim, the red team leader’s 4yr old son was diagnosed with Leukemia.

For those of you that don’t know, I have a son that I have had full custody of since he was just a little boy. When Jim was telling me the story in the beginning of the build about his son Bryson, always by his side in the garage helping him work on cars at age 4 it reminded me of my son. My son is my best friend and has always been by my side working with me on projects since he was around 3 years old.  I couldn’t imagine getting news like that about my son and I felt myself tearing up just hearing it. It brought me back to 2007 when I was doing the Fireball Run Transcontinental Ralley to find missing children from Florida to California. It is a 9 day event and in the last leg of the race I was in Barstow California where cellular signal is almost non existent and I received a phone call from a doctor asking me to code my son. The call was dropped and when I tried to call back I could not reach the doctor.

My son was in a quad accident at age 15 and was life-flighted and having seizures. My whole world revolves around my son so when I got that news I literally fell apart. I was driving a fully built Shelby GT500 on that event and let me tell you if there was a land speed record to be beat it would have been mine. I drove straight to Ontario airport and took the first flight out, wiping tears the whole flight, praying for my son. I know what this did to me as a father and I couldn’t imagine not having my best friend by my side. We were fortunate in that my son completely healed from all of his wounds and was back to himself in no time.

We all have a story and if you don’t you will soon. Hearing Jim’s story, I told myself I am going to bust my ass even if it meant a fast pace and no sleep until the end to give Street Customs the best chance in winning.

I can also relate to the blue team from Pa. I was born and raised in Pennsylvania and the SPG crew were all from Wyotech, an automotive school that my nephew went to. These guys built one hell of a car and completed the build in the 48 hours given. I believe the oldest guy on the team was 30, that goes to show you even after making a few mistakes (being over stressed and in a time crunch) the kind of hard working talent these guys have.

These builds aren’t always about how you would build your own car…it’s a 1 hour tv show that gives these guys an opportunity to show America what their skills are using the parts and tools given. You can’t choose the wheels that best fit your design, you can’t order the coil spring that gives you that perfect ride height, it is about the wow factor and what you can do in just 48hrs.

In the end it came down to who did the best in 48 hours. Street Customs, 1st to pull the engine out, 1st to get the new motor in and fired, 1st into paint, over the top paint job, brought the exterior colors into the interior design, complete working audio with a complete trunk design all within 48 hours. That shows the drive these men had for Bryson!

Congrats to both teams because there is no loser here… Only winners!

BTW…Bryson scored another victory…he is now in remission!

Red Team

Blue Team


6 thoughts on “Car Warriors Episode 3: Street Customs & Restoration vs. SPG Customs

  1. Thank you!! I could not have said it better! There have been comments that wrench you in the gut but we had to remember why we were there…for the kids and the families that are fighting this horrible disease! At first, its horrifying to hear “your child has cancer” and then that feeling turns into determination! This team, including yourself, was determined to win too. And thats exactly what you guys did! This build and this show became part of our story!

    The greatest part of our business is the “story” EVERY car build has! From that wrecked barn find that is now an incredible Corvtte Sting Ray, to the ’49 Ford that was two sweethearts first car, to the Mustang a gentleman built for his wife(his college sweetheart) that passed away at the very beginning of the build. When the build is complete it represents something….if it doesn’t, why build it!

    • Believe me when I say I wanted to say more. It took me a long time to write this post because I found myself getting angry and had to keep deleting. I grew up with a brother that has a mild case of Down Syndrome and learned at an early age how cruel people really are. I have seen first hand how Karma bites them in the ass. I grew up a fighter and it’s hard to listen and not react, especially when someone defenseless is involved. I am glad the good out weighs the bad in life and character is developed by the stories we live to tell, not by the comments of some selfless asshole. (Here I go again…)

  2. Thank you Ray for this wonderful piece. I also had to bite my tongue on the horrible posts. These guys flat out showed off their amazing talents and built an amazing car. I’m so sad that their victory is clouded with “they only won cause the kid has leukemia” comments. They won because they are talented individuals. So glad Bryson’s FUEL got their message out and I can only hope that they open their hearts to other children who are fighting the fight. Thank you thank you thank you!!!

  3. Ray I would also like to thank you again for all the help you gave us during the build, and the things you are still helping us with! We couldn’t have asked to get paired up with a better person! Thank You!

    • Hey Kyle, it was a great build and I had fun. Always willing to help any way I can…how’s that eye holding up? haha Keep in touch!

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