Car Warriors Episode 9: L&G Enterprises vs. Northeast Elite

If you haven’t seen this season of Car Warriors on the Speed Channel, set your DVR Now! 

Please read my post from episode 1 to understand what goes into these builds with these teams.

Once again the coin toss sent me over to the blue side to work with Northeast Elite. Although my team had some real talent, we learned rather quickly that L&G took this competition seriously! 11 minutes to remove and engine and transmission!?!

My team decided to make this an ambitious 48 hour build by cutting 10″ out of the frame and make it a shortbed (sorta). There were a few different approaches that could have been taken to get the job done but after discussing everything, we decided that since there wasn’t an angle finder in the shop for setting pinion angle that taking the 10″ should be out of the middle of the frame. We were pretty focused and making good time for about half of the build. At that point I think exhaustion started setting in and the guys were working slower and losing focus on the project.

Northeast Elite learned real quick that these 48 hour builds are no joke! Once you fall behind it is almost impossible to catch up. Teams, in general, that come to compete really have no idea how hard it really is until your right in the middle of the build and your reputation is on the line. I think had we stayed focused and actually completed the truck the way we originally planned we could have possibly taken the win. Northeast Elite had some real talent and completed a ton of mods in the 48 hours but I wish they would have listened a little more and made some different decisions.

Hats off to L&G for building one hell of a truck in 48 hours…Theresa is a great leader and made some good decisions that put them over the top.

Please take some time to follow the links below to see what these two teams have done when not constrained to 48 hours!

L&G Enterprises

Northeast Elite

Blue Team Members:


Bobby Moore-


Jeff Barnes-

Rich Brandi-


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