Paul Walker / Roger Rodas Memorial Meet

It has been a long while since I have put aside time to write here and it hasn’t been because I am at loss for things to talk about. There has been so much that has gone on in my life in the last 6 months or so that I wouldn’t even know where to begin, but I will save that for another post.

I think everyone at some point in time questions the choices they have made in their lives and tries to decide if the path they are on is the path they really want to be on. I have been having many of these types of thoughts go through my head recently and its about reflecting for me, trying to decide if everything I have worked towards all these years was the right choice for me and my family. Today was one of those days that I am thankful for the choices I have made and the path I have chosen no matter how difficult it is at times because I love what I do and it gives me moments in my life that I can help others.

Every once in a while things happen in life that are tragic and although there is loss there is also gain.  I went for a cruise today in the truck to a memorial meet for Paul Walker and Roger Rodas at the crash site where both of these men lost their lives way too early. I have somewhat followed the media coverage on this accident and their look into the lives of Paul and Roger and I can’t help but think of them simply as a friend, a brother,  a son, a father, and mentors.

With over 6000 people expected to show up throughout the day I fully expected to see a lot of crazy drivers acting like fools, endangering the safety of others and the closer I got to the memorial site and saw the thousands of cars in traffic the more I got a sick feeling in my stomach. I literally couldn’t tell if it was because I thought something bad was going to happen or was it simply because I couldn’t get the thoughts out of my mind about how many times I drove like an asshole and was lucky enough to live to tell about it?

The sad thing about our industry is that although we are all enthusiasts and love modifying our vehicles, it seems that we tend to dislike the fellow customizers that have different interests or styles than we do. I say this loosely because there are a few of us, myself included, that really don’t care whether you modified a S2000 or a Corvette, we can appreciate someone’s hard work on any make or model if it is done tastefully.

In the miles of traffic I saw all the different styles gathering together to pay respect to a couple of “Car Guys” that loved the same things we do and in their off time helped other people less fortunate. Today, it didn’t matter if you drove a Honda Civic, a Sportbike, a Harley Davidson, a 4×4 lifted truck, a Lowrider, an Exotic, a Race Car, a One Off Custom, Old or New Muscle Car,  Airplanes pulling signs with thoughts and prayers or even a Minivan with custom wheels… they were all there by the thousands! There were even M/C clubs that came to pay respect to these two fallen brothers… I don’t know the final count of people but I can only guess the number was more like 20,000 that showed up today and I can’t help but think of how Paul and Roger chose to lead their lives affected so many people that we all felt the need to come say goodbye one last time as one big family. I couldn’t believe that everyone I saw, arrived, waited for hours to pay respect, and left peacefully.

For me to witness this,  knowing what normally happens when you put this many car guys together in one place with all that horsepower under the hoods of all those vehicles left me speechless.

Please take a couple minutes and pay it forward to those in need, even if it is just a couple bucks, in honor of Paul and Roger to a charity co-founded by them. “Reach Out WorldWide

I don’t know what path god has me on but I can only hope I am given the opportunity to make a difference like these guys have.

IMG_0958 IMG_7377 IMG_7704 IMG_9346 IMG_9375


4 thoughts on “Paul Walker / Roger Rodas Memorial Meet

  1. Very nice write-up and despite the circumstances it is nice to see car people united. Thank you for everything you do for the industry!

  2. I was so heart broken when I heard the horrible news. Such a great loss, I am a huge fan. Times like this does make me reflect back to all of times I have driven like a complete idiot. Back in 2005 I flipped my car 4 times and landed upside down in a culvert at the bottom of a creek. I came out with out a scratch, that’s just one of several stupid stunts I have unintentionally pulled. I am a daddys girl, and inherited the car gene! Thank you for sharing-Stacy

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