East Coast Tuning Trip with some NASCAR customers.

This past weekend I spent traveling the East Coast tuning for various people. I basically set the trip up so that I was tuning in Georgia on Friday, North Carolina on Saturday, Ohio on Sunday and Pa on Monday and fly back to LA on Tuesday.
The trip started Thursday I flew into Georgia for Temple Performance Cars and we spent Friday tuning at Russel’s Automotive in Hampton, Ga. Had a blast hanging out with a great bunch of people even though each car was a work in progress trying to get all the bugs worked out so they could be tuned. One of the cars was even owned by the president of NASCAR Mike Helton. Pictures will follow this post but he owned the Town Car with the Paxton on it. Also got to work on a Mark VIII that holds the title for the “Fastest Luxury Car” 3 years running.

I left there Saturday morning to head to Mooresville, NC to do some tuning for Street Customs. Street Customs builds all of the RCR Camaro’s and for those of you that are not familiar with RCR (Richard Childress Racing), Richard is a NASCAR driver that retired and put Dale Earnhardt behind the wheel of one of his cars back in the early 80’s and his team held many championships throughout the years.

I had the opportunity to work on Richards personal 2011 Camaro with a LSX454 putting out 860bhp naturally aspirated. During the tuning process we learned that this car will need alot more love than I had time to give so Richard will be shipping this car out to my shop to get her completely dialed in. We then strapped down another RCR car with a Magnuson and got her dialed in. I had some issues with my laptop screen now working correctly but we temporarily fixed that by using a desktop screen that we sat on the passenger seat during the tuning process. Even though most people would say the highlight of the North Carolina day would be working on Richards car (which was too cool) what made my day was the chance to hangout with Bryson. Many of you may remember the episode on Car Warriors I did that was a tribute to a little boy diagnosed with Leukemia. His name was Bryson and I got the chance to hangout with him for the 2nd time since the show for a bit before I started tuning and the energy this young boy has despite what he is going through is truly amazing!

Next stop was Ashtabula Ohio at TI Dyno where my buddies all got together for a dyno day and brought food for the grill. The catastrophe happened here…my tuning computer totally crashed and I had no backup…I was dead in the water so my son took over the wheel touching up a tune on a diesel truck he had just did some work on. Ray Jr has been working on cars since he was barely old enough to ride a bicycle and has been tuning diesels for a couple years now. I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree…I did get to borrow a computer to datalog a car that I was supposed to tune but that computer kept freezing so I chose to hold off on any tuning. The tuning on this trip was over since I was without my computer but I did get a chance to hangout with friends and family for the last 2 days.



















One thought on “East Coast Tuning Trip with some NASCAR customers.

  1. Hope you’re well, my friend!!

    Always grateful, Claudia Wells

    Claudiawells.com Armaniwells.com

    “Whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable — if anything is excellent or praiseworthy — think about such things.” – Philippians 4:8

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