About Me

Being born and raised in a small steel mill town outside of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania gave me my blue collar way of life and my family values. It was nice growing up and knowing just about everyone and sometimes unfortunately, everyone knowing me (local police was no exception). Not that I was constantly in trouble but I had my fair share of fun. If I happen to step out of align then it didn’t take my parents long to find out what I was up to. Looking back it kept me honest when sometimes the world was trying to teach you not to be. I am grateful for all of the friends and memories I have made through the years and all of the good people my family surrounded me with. Growing up I always had a strong mechanical interest in building things or trying to figure out how to make them stronger and faster.

It started with bicycles and then to motorcycles. I can only imagine the frustration this must have caused my parents when a brand new dirt bike was taken apart by an 11 year old and then re- assembled with mixed up bolts only to find out it would no longer run. After a trip back to the bike shop and mom’s pocket book being a little lighter, I was back in business with a running dirtbike. But I quickly realized that my second attempt in making it faster would have to be at a friends house since I was not allowed to wrench on my new bike at home. Sure enough, with a little time my Kawasaki was a little louder and a lot faster!

Many bikes and a few years later my fascination of engines moved over to automobiles at age 15. Since I couldn’t drive yet, my parents were reluctant to get me a car but after months of persuasion I ended of with a 1972 Pontiac Lemans. Which by the time I was 16 had a custom dual exhaust, Cragar SST’s, bigger cam, tinted windows, a cassette deck with 6×9’s and a power booster, air shocks and fur in the back window (which by the way was cool back then!) Adding this car to a new license meant trouble….this is where it all began, the need for speed…Lets just say, I lost my license a couple of times before I even graduated high school. I could tell stories all day long about life’s travels but I will save that for another time…..